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Knight Rider:: Mike (Justin Bruening) visits one of his old haunts, but finds it has changed for the worse after the owner was killed in a car accident and his daughter (Alona Tal) took over. (8 p.m., WBAL-Channel 11)

Criminal Minds:: The team hunts a serial killer who is imitating famous murderers of the past. Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson and Paget Brewster star. (9 p.m., WJZ-Channel 13)

Life: : After a con man is found dead with his mouth full of money in a house without a roof, Crews and Reese (Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi) discover the victim was running a construction scam that left his clients without roofs or money. (9 p.m., WBAL-Channel 11)

Lost: : The Oceanic 6 discover how to get back to the island, but not all of them want to return. (9 p.m., WMAR-Channel 2)

Lie to Me:: The team works to prevent the assassination of a South Korean ambassador at a state wedding. (9 p.m., WBFF-Channel 45)

CSI: NY: : Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) and her date find themselves in the middle of a crime scene when the body of the deputy mayor falls from the ceiling at a charity fundraiser. (10 p.m., WJZ-Channel 13)

Law & Order:: Mysterious e-mails from a religious Web page lead detectives to the body of one of the site's creators. (10 p.m., WBAL-Channel 11)


The Caine Mutiny:: Humphrey Bogart gives a haunting performance as Captain Queeg, a mentally unstable officer stripped of his authority by two officers under his command during a storm at sea in World War II. Van Johnson, Jose Ferrer and Fred MacMurray also star. (10 p.m., TCM)

Late-Night Guests

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:: Actor Charlie Sheen; columnist Arianna Huffington; Lisa Hannigan performs. (11:35 p.m., WBAL-Channel 11)

Late Show with David Letterman:: Entrepreneur Donald Trump; Antony and the Johnsons perform. (11:35 p.m., WJZ-Channel 13)

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