Expanding Games' pool of athletes?

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It sounds like an idea for a Saturday Night Live sketch, but if England's Olympics minister has her way, you could see male synchronized swimming at the London Games in 2012.

Tessa Jowell wants an end to "gender inequality" in the Olympics - having competitions open to only one sex. So that could mean women boxing and men waving that wand in rhythmic gymnastics.

"I think it's wrong that women can't compete in as many events as men," Jowell told Britain's Daily Mail. "Women's sport has come on leaps and bounds, so it's high time there was equal opportunity at the Olympics."

Another sport that could include women would be Greco-Roman wrestling. In that sport, holds below the waist are prohibited. Which is what Mr. Flip's girlfriends used to tell him back in high school.

Cheery news

And speaking of high school, here's a new cheer for you:

That's all right, that's OK/We have to pee in a cup anyway

In Visalia, Calif., school officials are going to start including cheerleaders in their random drug testing program for athletes.

"You don't want your daughter being thrown into the air by anyone on drugs," Mount Whitney cheerleading coach Cara Carnahan said.

Certainly not by anyone on steroids. The poor girl could end up stuck in the gym's rafters.

Did she carry her own bags?

Stacey Dales' departure from ESPN was reported by Deadspin.com to have had at least partially to do with her annoyance at being made to fly coach while others at the network got to fly first class. Now, Dales has sort of confirmed the story.

The Oklahoman reported: "Dales said she reached an impasse with the network over a travel provision that she did not specify."

Dales told the newspaper: "At some point, you have to take a stand at whatever you are doing in life. That's not sounding like a feminist. That's not sounding like a spoiled, rotten kid. That's making a business decision that affects the quality of your life. That was an important thing for me."

In other words, she was tired of having to spend flights seated next to people like Mr. Flip.

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Compiled from news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, whose toes got run over by the beverage cart last time he had an aisle seat.

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