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Ways to lower your auto insurance premiums

Here are tips from the Insurance Information Institute on lowering your auto insurance premiums:

* Raise your deductible. Going from $200 to $500 could trim collision and comprehensive coverage premiums by up to 30 percent; raising the deductible to $1,000 could slash premiums by 40 percent or more.

* Drop collision or comprehensive coverage on old cars.

* Get a discount by buying two or more kinds of insurance, say, homeowners and auto, from the same insurance company.

* Driving less? You could get a discount if you travel fewer miles than average.

* Compare the cost of coverage before buying a car. Premiums are tied to price, repair costs, safety record and chances of it being stolen.

* Insurers give safe-driver discounts if, say, you had no moving violation or accident in three years, you're age 50 to 55 or your child is a college student not living at home.

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