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Alonso series reflects local press at its best

It seems that we are always hearing about the demise of newspapers, and about how readers are coming to rely on national newspapers, often online. The three-part series on Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso is a perfect example of why cities need a local newspaper ("Andres Alonso," Feb. 8- Feb. 10).

The success or failure of Baltimore's schools is one of the biggest issues affecting the reputation of Baltimore. Mr. Alonso is grappling with the school system's many problems. And the citizens of the Baltimore area are benefiting from the extensive coverage The Baltimore Sun is giving the whole situation.

No national newspaper would delve as deeply into this local issue.

Any city has a variety of issues that need the involvement of the public as well as the politicians. A local newspaper like The Baltimore Sun is essential to provide people with information they can act on.

Louise Hellwig, Baltimore

As a resident of Baltimore, I thank The Baltimore Sun and reporter Sara Neufeld for the series of articles on Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso. They inspired hope in me.

Such investigative reporting is one of best services of a local newspaper.

Annunziata Kurek, Baltimore

A moving account of a life of service

As the wife of a former Baltimore police officer and the mother of one still serving, I was moved beyond measure by Detective Randy Wynn's plans to rally the community in support of a fallen officer ("A lifetime of service ends in solitude and despair," Feb. 9).

Agent Edward W. Eldridge Jr. quite obviously lived a life of quiet yet extraordinary service to others, both professionally and personally. The greatest tragedy of his suicide lies in the fact that he apparently had no idea anyone ever took note of that service.

I work in a large Catholic parish where funeral Masses are conducted about six times a week. These funerals are true celebrations of a person's life, often attended by large numbers of the deceased's family and friends.

Sadly, Mr. Eldridge did not experience that kind of happy death, but we who have heard his story can rest assured in the knowledge that when his life on Earth was over, this man of unassuming goodness and kindness was welcomed into God's arms just as surely and joyfully as any who has ever gone before him.

Anne H. Kidwell, Catonsville

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