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Where would state find funds for city schools?

Mark Fetting and Tom Wilcox make several good points in their column "School cut unfair, unwise" (Commentary, Feb. 9). However, they didn't say what other programs Gov. Martin O'Malley should cut in order to restore to the Baltimore school system the $23 million in state aid the governor has proposed to cut.

If they do not believe that other programs are as deserving of funding as the Baltimore schools are, they should identify which ones should be defunded.

Mr. Fetting is chairman and CEO of Legg Mason. Would he be willing to support a tax on his and other similar enterprises in order to finance the school system?

Mr. Wilcox is president and CEO of the Baltimore Community Foundation. Would he be willing to sacrifice money given to BCF in favor of funding for the school system?

My intent is not to criticize either gentleman or the Baltimore school system.

I just think they need to explain where this $23 million in state aid restored to city schools is supposed to come from.

Stanley R. Baker, Gambrills

No 'context' cancels Limbaugh's malice

So the writer of the letter "Pitts ignores context of Limbaugh's words" (Feb. 5) thinks poor Rush Limbaugh is a victim of his words being "taken out of context." I don't think so.

Here is the only "context" that matters regarding the quote in question from Mr. Limbaugh:

* Barack Obama is president of the United States.

* If he fails, America fails.

* It is beyond dispute that Mr. Limbaugh has said he hopes that Mr. Obama fails.

* Therefore, at the very least, Mr. Limbaugh doesn't care whether or not America fails.

If the letter writer wants to pretend that "hundreds and hundreds" of Mr. Limbaugh's other words can alter this context, well, God bless him. Everyone needs a fantasy in these difficult times.

But I can't help reflecting on the fact that, having made a statement he knew would get everyone's attention, Mr. Limbaugh responded to the criticism of the statement by acting as if it had turned him (against his will, of course) into a martyr for his cause.

Forgive me for thinking, in response to that, about the old joke of the boy who shoots his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan.

A real martyr doesn't invent or invite his or her fate but embraces it without protest.

Stephen R. Rourke, Baltimore

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