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Fool : by Christopher Moore (William Morrow, $26.99) It's 1288, and the king's fool, Pocket, and his dimwit apprentice, Drool, set out to clean up the mess King Lear has made of his kingdom, his family and his fortune - only to discover the truth about their own heritage.

Lethal Legacy : by Linda Fairstein (Doubleday, $26) When Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper is summoned to Tina Barr's apartment on Manhattan's Upper East Side, she finds a neighbor convinced that the young woman was assaulted. But the terrified victim, a conservator of rare books and maps, refuses to cooperate with investigators.

The Silent Man : by Alex Berenson (Putnam,$25.95) CIA agent John Wells pursues the Russians who have killed and injured several people in Washington, including Wells' fiancee.

Gladiator : by Dan Clark (Scribner, $25) Aggressive, explosive and boasting awesome athletic ability, Dan Clark rose to tremendous fame as Nitro on American Gladiators. But a 20-year affair with steroids led to a life of smuggling drugs, destroying hotel rooms, getting arrested, growing breasts and lying bloodied in the street after a vicious fight with his best friend. This is Clark's account of his life, career and steroid addiction.

The Gamble : by Thomas E. Ricks (Penguin Press, $27.95) Thomas E. Ricks uses hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with top officers in Iraq and extraordinary on-the-ground reporting to document the inside story of the Iraq war since late 2005, examining the events that took place as the military was forced to reckon with itself, the surge was launched and a very different war began.

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