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When asked for views on a proposed slots parlor at Arundel Mills, a number of people responded on Here is a sample of their opinions:


Arundel Mills is a poor site for a slots parlor. There is too much development currently with an infrastructure not capable of handling the extra capacity. Laurel Park is the way to go


Parking is already a nightmare at Arundel Mills so I couldn't even imagine what it would be like with slots. Crime has also been an issue at that mall so adding slots will just deter more people from shopping there. I am against slots, but if they are going to be in Maryland then I would say that Laurel Park is a better fit.


I live in the Villages of Dorchester and absolutely oppose slots at Arundel Mills! We were misled to believe these would be installed in areas such as the Laurel Race Track. Our home values are sinking and crime is going up all around our beautiful community and now this??? Traffic is horrendous already and the deadbeats that come in buses to get to this lousy mall will only increase with slots!!


I thought the approval of slots was supposed to benefit the Maryland horse racing industry. So, where are the ponies at Arundel Mills? The nearest horse racing to that area is in Laurel, much more than a casual stroll away. What gives here?


I was shocked after hearing the disturbing news that a bid was placed to put slot machines at Arundel Mills Mall. The area is already becoming very problematic with assaults and thefts at the Mall, not to mention break ins in nearby homes in the community where I reside. The effects of slot machines would be devastating for an area already making us feel unsafe. I would be willing to move if the slots come to the Mall, but in this housing market who would be able to sell? Worse yet, who's going to buy a house across from a casino?

I opposed the slot machines ballot question during the November election and was sad to see it passed. Still, it was my understanding that the machines would be at the Laurel Race Track, and not in my backyard. The Laurel area is already plagued with many ills from the race track and to expand that to our area as well would be devastating.

I sincerely hope our "elected" officials put Marylanders' safety and well being first, and by that I don't mean money. They sure won't be elected again if they don't. All the money would not outweigh our safety. Furthermore, schools are still trying to get all the money they were promised from lottery funds.

Deeply concerned in Hanover,


Funny, slots in general were a dumb idea and never made it out of committee during the Ehrlich administration. But suddenly they are a wonderful idea and we are looking to place them in suburban communities. Bad idea. Just use the racetracks, as Ehrlich suggested, but The Democrat hypocrites would never use his ideas and could not be more transparent in their partisan ways. Michael Busch, where are you when we need you...under a rock?



A slots parlor at Arundel Mills would be a great complement to the mall and the location is highly accessible for people throughout the region. Recent articles in the Sun have focused on the problems malls are having and the potential demise of locations like the Inner Harbor. A casino would bring new life to Arundel Mills helping keep the jobs that many people have at the Mall. I am sure by design the Mall and the casino could be separate entities. If anyone has been to the Fashion Mall in Vegas the separation is clear. Cordish has a reputation for building exciting high quality entertainment facilities. I am sure their project would be a signature facility.


I think it is a great idea and I have been talking about it for several months. The road infrstructure is there with exits off 295 and 100. There is available land and BRAC is going into the area with 22,000 new jobs. Out of state bus trips can go to Arundel Mills with some people going for shopping while others go to gamble. It is already the largest destination in Md. What's not to like.

I live in Odenton, so it is not a case of NIMBY.


I think it's terrific. Arundel Mills is a destination already and the addition of slots will only further add to its appeal. My only concern would be access to and from Route 100 and if the current infratructure is adequate to handle the additional traffic.


Do it.


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