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Pitts ignores context of Limbaugh's words

In his column "Childish game of ravaging diminishes our nation" (Commentary, Feb. 2), Leonard Pitts Jr. continued his assault on Rush Limbaugh and defended his very misleading earlier claim that Mr. Limbaugh said of Barack Obama's presidency, " I hope he fails" ("What Limbaugh's comment says about Limbaugh," Commentary, Jan. 26). Mr. Pitts several times quoted Mr. Limbaugh as saying, "I hope he fails."

But those were four words taken out of context from a monologue that contained hundreds and hundreds of words - most of which put the lie to Mr. Pitts' twisted presentation of what Mr. Limbaugh said.

It's telling that Mr. Pitts didn't provide a word-for-word transcript of Mr. Limbaugh's entire statement. If he had, readers would have been able to see for themselves that what Mr. Pitts was telling them wasn't the whole story and certainly wasn't an accurate portrayal of what Mr. Limbaugh said.

I listened to a recording of Mr. Limbaugh's monologue. I read the transcript. And I encourage other readers of The Baltimore Sun to do the same thing.

It's probably the only way they'll ever get the true story.

Richard Seymour, Baltimore

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Someone, please tell me again: What is the U.S. mission in Afghanistan ("Maryland thunder," Feb. 3)?

Are we still looking for Osama bin Laden? Are we spreading democracy? Searching for weapons of mass destruction?

Or is this operation just another in a long history of U.S. military adventures?

George Falter Jr., McHenry

Sullying the success of a true athletic hero

Well, we've shot down another hero ("Not a big deal?" Feb. 3). But, tell me, what good does it do to publicize such misdeeds of previously reputable individuals?

Has it done any good to anyone that everyone now knows John Kennedy had his Marilyn Monroe or that Bill Clinton had his Monica Lewinsky?

Michael Phelps was honored and esteemed as a hero. Couldn't we have left it at that and kept his human failures out of the news?

George B. Wroe, Glyndon

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