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The Democrats are using the crisis in the economy to steamroll their long-term agenda through Congress under the guise of a stimulus package. It is unconscionable for the majority party to do this at a time when we, the people, are at their mercy ("Stimulus package will touch nearly everyone," Feb. 1).

Not a single Republican member of the House supported the stimulus bill, and for good reason. They know when they are being steamrolled.

If Mr. Obama is truly committed to bipartisan politics and solving the economic crisis at hand, he needs to tell his fellow Democrats to back off.

Dudley Thompson, Waynesboro

The fact that the entire Republican delegation voted against the bailout bill in the House is clear evidence nothing has changed in Washington.

The people are fed up with partisan politics. The economic crises facing the nation need immediate attention.

But the bill crafted for the bailout is full of pork and demonstrates how arrogant and contemptible our politicians are.

Our leaders lack vision, purpose, a sense of responsibility or an understanding of how we got into this problem or can get out of it.

John Hergenroeder, Towson

The hypocrisy that Republicans are showing in opposing the stimulus package is staggering.

Since 2000, the Republican Party has trashed the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the economy, our moral standing in the world, our civil rights and our health care and transferred the collectively owned wealth of our country to its wealthy friends. And now it chooses to distort the truth and repeat the same tired phrases over and over again.

The people of America voted for change in November, and we will accept no less.

We are angry, and they misjudge our willingness to tolerate their obstructionism and continued denial of the consequences of their actions.

Jana Meacham, Laurel

I'm astounded that the Republican Party, after pushing massive boondoggles such as last year's tax rebates, the no-strings-attached TARP program and the war in Iraq, voted in lockstep against the first real attempt to fix our economic crisis.

The national Republican Party has very little credibility left, and has shown that it has neither the interest nor the ability to lead.

It should follow or get out of the way.

Omar Siddique, Ellicott City

President Barack Obama's proposed $800 billion-plus economic recovery package would cost each American about $2,700. It would cost a family of four about $11,000.

I am not an economist or financier, but common sense tells me that we cannot spend our way out of the current economic crisis. Adding debt to debt is financial suicide.

I do not know all of the answers, but I believe we must allow the devaluation of assets to their true worth; allow successful businesses to take over failing ones; create and oversee government regulations that protect our health, safety and individual prosperity; eliminate waste, fraud and abuse at every level of government and industry; rewrite the tax code to make it more equitable and less onerous to all; rebuild our nation's infrastructure; and build a safe, efficient comprehensive public transportation system for our population centers.

The federal government cannot do the job alone. Every government, business and charity must do its part. So must we.

And doing so includes doing what we can for ourselves, our families, our neighbors and the environment, rather than asking the government to do these things for us.

Douglas J. Kingsley, Baltimore

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