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Ehrlich needs to put partisanship aside

It was interesting to read former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s comments about President Barack Obama's inaugural speech in Laura Vozzella's column "Check out the grandkids on the front page" (Jan. 23).

Mr. Ehrlich made it abundantly clear that he is part of the "us and them" mentality that has thrived since Ronald Reagan's administration.

In the 18th century, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were bitter political enemies, but they understood the need to put those disagreements aside to organize the break from Britain. Their political arguments could come later; the needs of our country came first.

We're in the same kind of situation now, and there is no time for political hard-headedness and whining.

If former Governor Ehrlich has ambitions of being next Governor Ehrlich, he really needs to grow up and stop sulking.

Fran Shaw Tim Shaw, Catonsville

America embraces change Ehrlich scorns

After reading Laura Vozzella's column "Check out the grandkids on the front page" (Jan. 23), I think it is obvious that former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. doesn't understand that the American people want the changes that President Barack Obama is trying to make.

Mr. Ehrlich and some other Republicans seem to be sore losers. His decision not to watch a significant historical event that millions of Americans celebrated seems to be sour grapes.

Helen M. Adams, Columbia

Starving deer make for a pitiable scene

While I sympathize with those who were and are frightened by the gunshot that broke a window at the Clarksville day care center, the fact remains that hunting accidents are very rare ("Guns a dated way to control the deer," letters, Jan. 14).

And here in Howard County, every week I see emaciated deer foraging until they die or are slaughtered by cars as they run into the road. This is a horrible sight that will only get worse if the county puts new limits on hunting.

I implore the members of the County Council that if they do impose such restrictions on hunting, they should also keep the deer season open for a much, much longer time.

Ruth Taylor, Ellicott City

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