Oliver misses deadline to file campaign report

The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore County Councilman Kenneth N. Oliver, who already faces charges of violating campaign finance laws, has missed a deadline to file his annual campaign finance report.

The second-term Democrat, who represents the Randallstown and Woodlawn areas, has been fined $10 a day since the Jan. 21 filing deadline, a state elections official said.

Oliver said yesterday that he attempted to file the annual report electronically several times Monday but did not succeed.

"Every time I tried to file, the computer kicked it back," he said. "I was never able to speak to a human."

If the fine accumulates to $250, the state Board of Elections will send Oliver a letter asking for an explanation. If the councilman ignores the letter, the board will refer the matter to the state prosecutor, said Jared DeMarinis, campaign finance director for the elections board.

The state has sent Oliver a warning regarding two missing finance reports from last year, both of which have reached the maximum fine level, DeMarinis said. Oliver declined to comment on those reports.

Oliver, 63, is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 9 on felony theft charges. He is accused of the personal use of campaign funds and violating election laws requiring submission of receipts and keeping separate account books for petty cash.

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