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Has to be better:

Mike Patrick and Len Elmore are calling tonight's Boston College at Maryland game (7:30 p.m., ESPN2), having used up most of their notes in doing Saturday's Terps-Duke mega-blowout.


Boiling up:

No one is talking about the Big Ten as college basketball's best conference, but Purdue (No. 16, facing Wisconsin, 9 p.m., ESPN) is one of the conference's three ranked teams.


Oh, say,:

you can't see:

With the Capitals in Boston (7 p.m., Versus), they'd better be aware that's close to where a prep goalie has invented open-net-camouflaged goalie pads.


Feisty Aussies:

You never know what might happen at the Australian Open (9:30 p.m., ESPN2) - maybe a chair fight or a streaker. Better tie that kangaroo down, sport.


Economic stimulus:

See if the Terrell Suggs idea is gaining. Go to the supermarket and ask for 10 percent off your bill as a "hometown discount."

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