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* It's safe to say this doesn't seem like the best time to start a news outlet, given the recession and the struggles of the media industry. But the creators of the Mother Nature Network are betting that another trend will eclipse even the worst economic forecast: the green boom. They've launched an advertising-supported Web site,, that aims to be a dependable source of environmental news written for the average reader - a sort of WebMD for green topics.

* The PBS-launched learning tool is an engaging, interactive Web site and a great way for little ones to play and think at the same time. Familiar characters guide kids through rhyming, letter identification and beginning words. Each topic is addressed in a different game, where the children pace themselves and are enthusiastically praised when successful. One caveat: Although the site brands itself as appropriate for ages 2 to 5, if you have an early reader in your family, you will find the content too basic.

* If you want to expand your circle - of friends, of activities, of interests - try It's a site where outdoor enthusiasts can list projects or activities they're involved with, and with which you can get involved, too. You can search for your next adventure by category of activity, or region of the world. Activities range from backpacking to scuba diving, and ballooning to orienteering. If you don't have time to embark on an adventure yourself, you can also sneak a peek at the nice gallery of user-submitted photos from those who do.

On satellite radio:

SIRIUS XM Radio will carry 13 live broadcasts of Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday in 10 languages, plus the halftime performance by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The lineup:

* Pittsburgh Steelers broadcast: SIRIUS 125 / XM 102

* Arizona Cardinals broadcast: SIRIUS 126 / XM 103

* Westwood One Radio broadcast: SIRIUS 124 / XM 124

* Westwood One Spanish broadcast: SIRIUS 91 / XM 104

* BBC Radio broadcast: SIRIUS 161 / XM 105

* NTV Plus broadcast (Russian): SIRIUS 155 / XM 106

* France 2 broadcast (French): SIRIUS 127 / XM 107

* NHK Japan broadcast (Japanese): SIRIUS 121 / XM 108

* ARD broadcast (German): SIRIUS 113 / XM 109

* Telenet Belgium broadcast (Flemish): SIRIUS 156 / XM 110

* SMG broadcast (Mandarin Chinese): SIRIUS 90 / XM 111

* RAI broadcast (Italian): SIRIUS 153 / XM 112

* Chello broadcast (Hungarian): SIRIUS 130 / XM 113

During halftime, SIRIUS XM will provide a live broadcast of the on-field performance of Springsteen on E Street Radio (SIRIUS Channel 10, XM Channel 58), a channel dedicated to his music. Go to for details.

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