Unease over tree's tilt

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THE PROBLEM: A tree has been leaning over power lines in Towson for years.

THE BACKSTORY: Stan Kluckowski has been watching the trees grow with more and more trepidation each year.

The Towson resident said he began calling about a leaning tree with branches that hang over the power lines on the utility pole in his backyard, which borders the Goucher College campus.

He said he called Goucher and that staff there told him the tree lay within Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.'s utility right of way. He called BGE, and someone told him the pole belonged to Verizon. Verizon sent him back to BGE.

Kluckowski just wants the tree dealt with before a storm uproots it, bringing it - and the power lines - down.

"Every time the wind is heavy, it's coming," he said.

BGE staff assessed the situation and determined the tree, which is growing on Goucher's property, is healthy and without structural defects, spokeswoman Linda Foy said. It is leaning, not uprooting, because it's growing toward the sunlight, she said.

However, Foy said they agree with Kluckowski that the tree's angle of growth does present a danger to BGE equipment should winds pick up.

As a result, the company has decided to work with Goucher to remove the tree based on its regular "vegetation management" cycle.

BGE will be working in this part of the region in the first quarter of 2009, so it should be removed by March 31, she said.

Foy said the property is not within BGE's right of way, but the company has an easement that would allow workers to manage the vegetation in that area.

More information about BGE tree-trimming is available at BGE's Web site, www.bge.com, under "energy safety."

WHO CAN FIX THIS: To report problems to BGE, call 410-685-0123.

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