Mr. President

We asked Marylanders to describe what Barack Obama's inauguration meant to them. Here are some of their responses:

This glorious election


As I sat in my apartment at Bowie State University, watching the election results, as my heart pounded, I continued to wait with anticipation and then the first black president was elected. Students all across campus ran out of their rooms into the center of campus screaming, crying, chanting Obama, Obama, Obama. The way people came together in this glorious election let me know that it's a new day. To me this inauguration means hope for the future and the rest of the world. ... I am truly proud to be an American.

Devin Bradley


Can he succeed?

Will he be able to turn around our economic problem? He doesn't have a lot of experience being a political leader. Will the other countries of the world have respect for the decisions he make? Will he be able to pull the political parties together and stop their bickering, which accomplishes nothing good for the country.

Olin Conrad

Good for business

Well, I think for us here and for our business it means a new fresh start. I think people are excited, I think that our customers are excited and I think it has basically been good for business, I think. More people are coming in, have a little more confidence that the economy's gonna shape up and I think it's a good thing for everybody.

Brian Higgins

Moving forward

Well, it means that the country's moving forward. It means that it's changing; it's accepting people as who they are instead of the color of their skin. Means that people can believe that whatever it is they want to do, they can do now. They can achieve whatever they set out to achieve.


Barry Lashley