Swiftpicks: 10 things not to miss from A&E; editor Tim Swift

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'Pride & Glory':

Leave it to the discriminating Edward Norton to spice up what could have been just another cliched cop drama. The Maryland native stars as a New York detective investigating a shootout that killed four officers, but things get messy when his brother, a fellow cop, emerges as a key suspect. In stores Tuesday.


Scott Weiland:

The lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver returns to town, but he's left both supergroups behind. After a successful reunion tour with the Pilots this past summer, Weiland is now pushing his latest solo project. Yet the STP-free Weiland does have his merits: This show will be far more intimate than his last Baltimore appearance - Virgin Fest. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Rams Head Live.

For more: ramsheadlive.com


'The Closer':

Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick), our favorite candy-craving interrogator, is back with a fresh batch of new episodes. Even after four seasons, cable's top drama remains charming and sweet, much like Brenda's candy drawer. This week, Brenda tries on wedding dresses and investigates a suspicious suicide, all with her parents in tow. The new episodes begin at 9 p.m. Monday on TNT.


'Working on a Dream' :

by Bruce Springsteen :

The Boss' latest doesn't have the magic of his last album, 2007's Magic. But Springsteen and his E Street Band deliver an unusually upbeat and full sound that should resonate with the "Dancing in the Dark" set. That said, fans of Springsteen's darker and more thoughtful works may wonder if he has drunk too much of the Obama Kool-Aid. In stores Tuesday.


'Follies, Predicaments:

and Other Conundrums':

Innovative Baltimore artist Laure Drogoul gets her first large-scale retrospective thanks to her alma mater, the Maryland Institute College of Art. Follies is an eclectic mix of sculpture, performances and interactive art. Not limited to just paint and plaster, she's used teeth, earthworms and even a taxidermy dog. Opens Friday at MICA's Decker and Meyerhoff galleries.

For more : mica.edu


'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand':

by Franz Ferdinand:

This Scottish band made a name for itself in 2004 with an infectious brand of indie rock you could dance to. The guys of Ferdinand claim Tonight, their third album, marks a departure from their earlier sound. But fans shouldn't be concerned. Sure, it's a little less punk, but it's just as jaunty. In stores Tuesday.


Penelope Cruz:

in 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona':

The most alluring woman in Woody Allen's refreshing romantic comedy Vicky Cristina Barcelona is neither Vicky nor Cristina. It's Cruz's volatile Maria Elena who commands our attention even when she's not toting a loaded handgun. And with a best supporting actress nod, she's got the Oscars' attention as well. In stores Tuesday.


'The Eagle Has Landed':

As part of its first U.S. tour, the Liverpool-based Fool's Proof Theatre hits Baltimore this week with an original production about memory and loss. Known for its larger-than-life characters, Fool's Proof tells the tale of a reporter receiving a postcard from a brother whom he hasn't seen in 20 years. Opens Thursday at the Theatre Project.

For more: theatreproject.org


'Afro Samurai':

Based on the popular Spike TV animated series, the video game version of Afro Samurai stays true to the original's arresting look and hip-hop-infused sound. Cult favorite Samuel L. Jackson lends his voice, and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan provides the music for one of the more promising releases of the new year. Available Tuesday on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. .


'The Next 100 Years':

by George Friedman:

In such a fast-moving world, it's a pretty audacious task to predict our geopolitical future. Friedman is the first to admit anything's possible. But his theories for the 21st century and the reasoning behind them are intriguing. According to Friedman, the U.S. hasn't really peaked and Poland and Mexico will be major players. In stores Tuesday.

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