CNBC examines pot industry

The Baltimore Sun

Less than two months ago, a National Geographic Channel documentary took a look at the get-rich business of growing marijuana. Now CNBC is similarly reporting on how American agribusiness is going to pot. In Marijuana Inc.: Inside America's Pot Industry, anchor Trish Regan explores the inner workings of an industry that lights up the economy by an estimated tens of billions of dollars nationwide.

Traveling to northern California's Emerald Triangle, Regan gathers personal stories of growers, many of them otherwise law-abiding citizens who include a journalist, a political activist and even a former member of law enforcement all cashing in on this profitable crop. It costs about $400 to produce 1 pound of pot, which in turn sells for $2,500 to a go-between, and then yields $6,000 on the street. But according to the program, every American is an unpaid, unwitting party to the process: Pot gardens have been established by outlaw growers in national parks and other public lands, where an estimated 70 percent of domestic, outdoor marijuana is now grown. (9 p.m., CNBC)

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