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Other achievements bolster Bush's record

I found the editorial "Happy warrior Bush" (Jan. 13) most disturbing.

The Baltimore Sun should be commended for acknowledging two of President George W. Bush's accomplishments, treating AIDS abroad and protecting much of the Pacific environment.

But the editorial ignored many other accomplishments such as demanding a more rational approach to global warming, enhancing the interrogation of terrorists, unswerving support for Israel, the No Child Left Behind program, his focus on promoting democracy around the world, achieving a Medicare prescription drug benefit, the surge in the Iraq war and, perhaps greatest of all, preventing further terror attacks in the United States since 9/11.

Mr. Bush has admittedly made some mistakes just as, no doubt, The Baltimore Sun has. But when will The Baltimore Sun make a comparable analysis of its own past contributions and explain to the public why its liberal bias has prevented it from presenting balanced news?

As for me, I will be happy to accept the judgment history declares for Mr. Bush.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

Let federal judiciary try alleged terrorists

The Baltimore Sun's editorial "An end to Guantanamo" (Jan. 16) was accurate. And when President Barack Obama closes the Guantanamo Bay detention center, that will help restore the U.S. reputation as a nation of laws. But the treatment of detainees who remain a threat will continue to pose difficulties.

Mr. Obama should work closely with Congress to craft an effective solution to those problems, remembering in the process that the federal judiciary has proved capable of trying alleged terrorists and properly weighing the interests of national security and civil liberty.

Carl Tobias, Richmond, Va.

The writer is a professor of law at the University of Richmond.

Making tough choices isn't always a plus

During President George W. Bush's farewell address, he acknowledged setbacks and public criticism of many of his decisions ("Bush address defends tenure," Jan. 16). He contended, however, that he had made "the tough decisions."

What he left out was the historically accurate adverb that should have followed that phrase - which is "badly."

Roger C. Kostmayer, Baltimore

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