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Thoughts on the inauguration from The Baltimore Sun's community on Twitter.

"I feel like people should be wary of those they give power to, not treat them like rock stars." Bill Mill

"I feel proud to be an American and ready to do the work that lies ahead. Finally, a President I can believe in ... and trust." Tracey Halvorsen

"He is a very good speaker; full sentences and everything. I loved the appeal to put aside our differences and to start work." John Busteed

"I watched the swearing-in from a bar at LAX. Time seemed to stop there. I voted third-party, but today I'm a proud American." User 'Aresef'

"How I feel? Invigorated. Hopeful. Driven. Motivated. Proud. Lucky. Energized. Powerful. Brand New." Josh Davidson

"I'm feeling a HUGE sense of relief. And an even HUGER sense of pride." Daniel Waldman

"Thinking a lot about the Obama girls, who are the same age as my girls... They'll grow up "together"..." Wendy Willard

"I feel like an Amer-I-Can." User ' Mattyfo'

"President Obama's historical significance should not be for breaking a color barrier, it should be for his job performance." Josh Zelechoski

"Filled with hope. Proud that we did the right thing in electing President Obama. Optimistic that he will be a great leader." Cameron Barry

"I am full of joy and hope for the future of our country, tempered with a healthy dose of concern for the tackling of the long tough road ahead of us." Alice Wessendorf

"Obama inspires national confidence by calling us to service - to unite and persevere. I'm proud to have an eloquent leader again." Jim Doran

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