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When I started working on a list of Top 10 Places to Get Great Sweet Potato Fries, I didn't find as many spots as I thought I would. But the ones I did find do a fine job on this salty-sweet treat. Here's my list in alphabetical order:


Abbey Burger Bistro in Federal Hill. The menu is limited, so the kitchen can get important things like the fries right.


Annabel Lee Tavern in Canton. These got the most votes when I asked for suggestions on my blog.


Artful Gourmet Bistro in Owings Mills. Thin, crisp-edged and lightly salted, so seductive you have to keep taking just one more.


Donna's in Cross Keys. Disclaimer: Donna is a friend of mine. However, these are really good sweet potato fries. The ones from Donna's in Columbia got Midnight Sun Sam Sessa's vote.


Gertrude's at the BMA. You won't find them listed among the sides. They come with one entree, Cranky Hank's BBQ Pork.


Golden West Cafe in Hampden. These are rosemary sweet potato fries. Normally, I believe in not messing with a good thing, but Golden West manages to pull off the combination.


Mad River Bar & Grille in Federal Hill. When Sam did a carryout column on sweet potato fries, these were awarded his Best Bite. "None of the other restaurants we tried nailed it quite like Mad River," he said.


Miss Shirley's in Roland Park. Hot and crisp, served with a sprinkle of coarse salt and wrapped in a cone of black-and-white checked paper. Mango ketchup and citrus aioli come on the side.


oZ. Chophouse in Maple Lawn. The best of all the sides we had there: hot, grease-free, salty and sweet.


Rub in South Baltimore. The sweet potato fries have a red pepper, garlic and onion seasoning, which could be too much, but isn't.

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You find yourself on the Homewood campus of JHU, check out Cafe Azafran in the Muller Building. A huge pile of great sweet-potato fries at a low price...

Posted by: Zevonista

Little havana should definitely be on here

Posted by: cooper

The Paper Moon Diner near the BMA and Hopkins Homewood Campus and Life of Reilly in Butchers Hill have GREAT sweet potato fries!

Posted by: Trish

Thortons in Locust Point.

Posted by: MP

Both Red Star in Fells [Point] and Life of Reilly in Butchers Hill have good ones too.

Posted by: Larry

City Cafe in Mt. Vernon does great sweet potato fries, too!

Posted by: BW

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