'Lost' is back, strange as ever

The Baltimore Sun

It has been a long time since Lost was a series about plane-crash survivors making their way on an odd island, awaiting rescue.

Rescue, in fact, came at the end of the last season for six castaways. But something very strange happened on an island full of strange occurrences that warrants the survivors' return.

Everything - palm trees, shore, people and all - seemed to disappear.

As the fifth and second-to-last season begins tonight on ABC, the question has shifted from where the island is to when this is taking place.

The series' clever makers have always played with the clock when telling the back stories of the survivors in vivid flashbacks, but things got trickier when they began to flash-forward at the end of the third season. Suddenly, the series was not just lurching back but also into the future.

If flashbacks and flash-forwards were stylish conceits for Lost storytelling all along, now they are the keys for its characters, too, as they grasp for answers. (9 p.m., WMAR, Channel 2)

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