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* Epicenter Communications will commemorate President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration in a book to feature images from award-winning and presidential photographers such as David Hume Kennerly and Bob McNeely. But it will also include photos submitted online by people documenting their personal celebrations of Obama's inauguration. Photos can be submitted at the book's official site ( or in an inaugural photo site on Photobucket. A large-format book will be available for purchase April 29, Obama's 100th day in office.

* The iPhone and the iPod Touch were two of the hottest gifts this holiday season. As useful as the devices are out of the box, the true power of the iPhone/iPod Touch platform lies in a single application: the App Store. The App Store is a single-stop shop for all the applications available for the iPhone/iPod Touch, including games and productivity tools. While the App Store offers descriptions, screenshots and user reviews, newcomers may feel overwhelmed by the thousands of programs to choose from.

Fortunately, there are several iPhone/iPod Touch program review Web sites out there that have done the downloading so you don't have to.

For iPhone/iPod Touch game coverage, Touch Arcade ( is tough to beat. Each review includes large screenshots and game play videos to let you judge the game for yourself. It also charts the latest price drops and sorts games by category so you can quickly find what you are searching for.

Unlike the single-category focus of Touch Arcade, Macworld's iPhone section ( looks at a broad range of iPhone/iPod Touch applications. A searchable program review archive allows you to sort by rating, name or date. The site also offers news and tips to help users make the most of their device.

While iLounge ( may not rival Macworld and Touch Arcade in number of iPhone/iPod Touch program reviews, its critical analysis and hardware reviews make it a site worth bookmarking. iLounge annually offers a free downloadable iPod and iPhone buyer's guide, which includes the site's list of the 100 best iPhone/iPod Touch applications.

* Anyone who's done some serious price comparison might already know of Best Buy's strange differentiation between online and in-store prices. One blogger found her way around that schism by buying the items online from her T-Mobile G1, while standing in the store she wanted to pick them up from. She didn't want to pay $44.99 each for four seasons of Stargate Atlantis; she wanted the online price of $19.99. Visit the Long Live Geeks blog for complete details of her quest ( of-best-buy.html).

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