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Election fulfills a lifelong dream

I am an 83-year-old black American senior citizen who has realized a dream fulfilled in my lifetime - witnessing a man of color become president of the United States.

I pray and hope that he, and the vice president-elect, will bring this nation together so that each of us will share the responsibilities of living and working together, peacefully, without mistrust, doubt or fear.

I expect all peoples to rally around this young man, Barack Obama, and his chosen Cabinet, and give them the 100 percent support they will need to carry out the programs Mr. Obama has so elegantly outlined.

May God bless all the chosen heads and their departments as they go about the business of guiding this nation to its fullest capabilities. And God bless America.

Grace Y. Jones, Baltimore

Hoping he'll provide funds for education

My hope and dream for the Barack Obama administration is that more funds will be directed to early childhood education so we can keep the talented teachers in the field and attract new teachers to the preschool teaching field.

And I pray to God that he will continue to support the poor and help the middle class as he has promised to do.

Susanna Twigg, Catonsville

A strong role model for our young men

I belive it will take President Barack Obama a good year to start to turn our county around; however, he will not do everything he has said he will do - that would be an impossible job for anyone.

But I believe he will be a role model for the young men in our county to change their lives and move in the right direction.

Gerald A. Yamin, Pikesville

Spend time in prayer, show respect for life

President Barack Obama, we celebrate this joyful day with you.

My hopes are that you will spend part of each day in prayer and reflection, that you will continue to be a loving husband and father spending time with your family, and that you will lead a government of integrity, and of respect for the sacredness of all life: the unborn, the elderly, the criminal, the enemy.

My fear is that you might expect to be, and the nation might expect you to be, all-knowing, all-wise and almighty, even though you and we are limited human beings.

We know that you will continue to do your best, using your God-given talents and youthful energy to make our country a better place.

We, the people, must remember that it is all of us together working for the common good that will bring about the change that we need.

Sister Dolores Chepiga, Baltimore

Kindergartners for Obama

The class of 2025 of Holabird Academy has been following the campaign and election of Barack Obama with intensity. With the inauguration approaching, my students wanted to share their thoughts with him:

I like how you talk to people and are nice.

I think we look alike.

I want to go to Harvard like you did.

I like your choice of vice president.

Will you come read to our class?

I like how you brush your teeth.

You look decent.

Can I play with Malia and Sasha?

I like the way you help people.

Kathleen Richardson, Baltimore

King's dream realized, now let's celebrate

I am going to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. I do not hope to see him or to be comfortable. I just want to be there at one of those events that mean something. I want to stand among millions who possess the audacity of hope.

I want to be there when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream comes true.

When I was a little girl, I watched the news when police turned fire hoses on African-Americans and grown-ups terrorized little girls on their way to school. I heard the hurt and shame in my mother's voice when she cried, ashamed to be an American.

The past eight years hammered us with one horror after another. We watched the greatest city in the world disappear in the smoke of fire and brimstone. We sat powerless, led into a war of lies. We watched robber barons steal pensions and hard-working Americans vilified by radio hate-mongers.

People took to the streets on Election Night 2008- not in anger but joy.

Inauguration Day 2009 will be the biggest and best party ever! I want to be in a crowd of joy. I want to be among proud citizens suffused with hope and high ideals. I want to hug a stranger. I want to dance in the streets of Washington, D.C., and sing along with America: "We have overcome, we have overcome, we have overcome today!"

Annette C. Deamond, Parkville

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