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If Katie Browne looks like a pin-up girl, it's hardly by accident. This 25-year-old radio station supervisor and yoga instructor works at it. Literally. She's a pin-up model - "Golden Browne" - at Atomic Cheesecake Studios in Parkville, and has done work at Luminous Impressions and Catfight. Her style is all about her passions: pin-up and rock 'n' roll. And tattoos, most of which you don't see. The Hampden resident loves looking sexy, but without showing too much skin. "It's good to have a style that's a little more conservative, but still sexy." Glimpsed at the Waterfront Hotel in Fells Point, we'd say she knows what she's talking about.

Job:: WNST 1570-AM Radio station supervisor/Charm City Yoga instructor

Self-described style:: "Pin-up meets rock 'n' roll"

The look: : White cotton T-shirt. Black cotton Lucky 13 cardigan with cream graphic. Studded black leather belt. Skinny Citizens of Humanity jeans. Studded black leather Michael Kors kitten heels. Wool tweed coat. Black leather clutch handbag. Horror movie button pins. Silver initial necklace. Silver cuff bracelet.

Where it came from: : The T-shirt came from H&M.; She ordered her cardigan from pinupgirlclothing.com. She found the belt at Hot Topic, and her jeans at Urban Chic. Her shoes and necklace were purchased at Nordstrom. Her cuff bracelet was a gift that came from South Africa. Her coat and handbag were Target finds. And her button pins came from her tattoo artist, Hunter Spanks at Saints & Sinners in Fells Point.

Her fashion comes from her passions: : "When I was younger, I was on the tomboy side, so I dreaded getting dressed up because it was so much work. ... I never really cared about fashion until recently when I started doing pin-up modeling. That retro vibe. I started getting into that scene. ... I always listened to oldie music. ... I used to go to old car shows with my dad. He repairs jukeboxes. ... So, I've always been exposed to '50s-'60s culture, and I've always been a fan of rock 'n' roll music."

Her look's components: : "Usually I'll put my hair up in hot rollers and try to get as much volume as possible. Skinny jeans, or wiggle dresses - they're form- fitting, short-sleeved and they come down to just below the knee - so you have to wiggle when you walk. Pencil skirts and stockings. I try to do stockings unless the pattern on the pantyhose is really nice. ... My big pieces are the pin-ups, things that are a little more high-waisted and fitted; skinny jeans, wiggle dresses, pencil skirts. What I usually call accent pieces - the shoes, belts, sweaters, jewelry - that's more the rock 'n' roll style; the buttons, safety pins, studs and leather."

How she shops: : "I do like high quality. Unfortunately, that usually comes with a higher price tag. So, I have to pick and choose what I spend my money on. So, shoes and jeans I usually spend the most money on. For accessories, I'll find good stuff at Target. There are lots of genre-specific things on Web sites like pinupgirlclothing.com and daddyos.com. I'm always looking. I window-shop online at all times. I'll go out and get a new outfit maybe once a month."

It's all about Friday nights: : "I only get to dress up once a week. The rest of the week I teach yoga, so I'm usually schlubbing around in yoga clothes. ... I always take that one day - Friday - to take the time and just dress up and make myself feel good. It's a lot of fun to start getting ready at night. Putting the music on, and getting out of the shower, putting my hair up in hot rollers and, of course, deciding what I'm going to wear that night is always a hassle. I'll probably try on 10 different outfits before I get it just right and it feels so good. I enjoy being a girl."

A style must: : "Before you leave the house, stand in front of a full-length mirror and make sure you check the front and back before leaving."

Her style icons: : "Of course, Bettie Page. She's the most famous pin-up model. I decided to get my bangs cut the day after she died. And I love them. [Burlesque star] Dita Von Teese. I just think she's got a really great eye for classic hair and makeup."

Which fits in with her fashion philosophy: : "Your style is for you, not for anybody else. As long as it makes you feel good. It's not about pleasing other people, it's about pleasing yourself. Because if you look good, you'll feel good."

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