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Will HOPE sculpture become as iconic as Indiana's LOVE?

The pop artist best known for his LOVE word sculpture has created a similar public art installation that spells HOPE - in celebration of President-elect Barack Obama's message of hope.

Artist Robert Indiana's HOPE was unveiled yesterday at Jim Kempner Fine Art, a Manhattan gallery.

The 6-foot stainless-steel sculpture was shown privately during the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August. No decision has been made on where it will be permanently displayed.

Versions of Indiana's classic LOVE sculpture appear in several cities, including Philadelphia.

Naughty Globes

After receiving multiple complaints about NBC's Sunday telecast of the Golden Globes, the FCC said Wednesday that it was reviewing the program for possible violations of indecency rules.

Toward the end of the program, director Darren Aronofsky was caught on camera jokingly making an obscene gesture at Mickey Rourke, who was onstage accepting an acting award for Aronofsky's film The Wrestler. Rourke and other attendees also salted their speeches with occasional off-color language, some of which was bleeped by NBC.

An NBC spokeswoman confirmed that it aired the gesture on the live telecast. "On the West Coast, it went to black for two seconds," the spokeswoman e-mailed. "Beyond that, we have no further comment."

By George!

With President-elect Barack Obama as the guest, ABC's Sunday morning political talk show This Week with George Stephanopoulos scored its first win over NBC's Meet the Press since 1999 on Sunday.

Nielsen Media Research said yesterday that the show was seen by 4.34 million viewers, a whisker ahead of the 4.3 million who watched Meet the Press.

Obama's visit to Meet the Press on Dec. 7 (Tom Brokaw's last day as host) was seen by 6.5 million people.

The timing may be important to Stephanopoulos. With David Gregory as the new Meet the Press host, viewers may be tempted to try something new.

Ye olde general store

Steve Carell, star of The Office, recently bought the Marshfield Hills General Store in a town on Massachusetts' south shore, 25 miles from Boston.

"I will be manning the cash register, and stocking the shelves as time permits!" Carell, 45, wrote in an e-mail to The Boston Globe, although his sister-in-law Tish Vivado is in charge.

The store's previous owner, Sherry Bechtold, said she and her husband, Bob, sold the 155-year-old building and business to Carell after being convinced the part-time resident of the town wanted it "for the right reasons" and would retain the store's character.


Author William Kennedy, 81.

Opera singer Marilyn Horne, 75.

Auto racer A.J. Foyt, 74.

Country singer Ronnie Milsap, 66.

Choreographer Debbie Allen, 59.

Model Kate Moss, 35.

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