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PUD would weaken zoning protections

The letter "Zoning rules permit PUD for care center" (Jan. 8) said the Keswick Multi-Care Center is not proposing a zoning change for the Baltimore Country Club property. Under the current law, the R-1 zoning permits single-family houses and other land uses normally found in single-family neighborhoods, such as schools, houses of worship and recreational facilities. Multiple-family apartments and commercial uses are prohibited.

A residential planned unit development (PUD) would continue the R-1 zoning but loosen the restrictions - for example, it may permit multiple-family dwellings and commercial uses. And the protections of the R-1 zoning category would be gone.

A historic planned community, Roland Park includes facilities for the elderly, as well as a shopping center, townhouses and apartments. This is all pursuant to the plan established more than 100 years ago by Roland Park's founders, assisted by the Olmsted brothers' planning firm. The Olmsted plan for the country club property envisioned open space or single-family houses. The R-1 zoning reflects the uses prescribed by the Olmsted plan; the Keswick Multi-Care Center's proposed PUD does not. That is what this dispute is about, not zoning labels.

John C. Murphy, Baltimore

The writer is the attorney for the Roland Park Civic League.

Let the mayor do job she was elected to do

After four years of very expensive investigation, the charges against Mayor Sheila Dixon are nebulous and irrelevant ("Indicted," Jan. 10). While some of her alleged actions were apparently self-serving and not overly intelligent, in the face of eternity, they are meaningless.

Let's call off the dogs and let her do her job.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

Would Sun demand a Republican resign?

Where is the outrage ("Cloud over City Hall," editorial, Jan. 11)? If a Republican mayor of Baltimore had been indicted, The Baltimore Sun's editorial board would be screaming for him or her to resign.

Dean Charlow, Lutherville

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