What the well-dressed fan is displaying this year

The Baltimore Sun

OK, new fan, thanks to Ravens 101, you have now gotten through the first work/school day after the team's win Saturday and you have a thumbnail sketch of the season.

Now, it's time to walk the walk and actually look as if you have Purple Passion. If you can lay your hands on any 2000 Ravens gear, especially Super Bowl stuff, by all means borrow it. Nothing whimpers "I just got here" more than a stain-free, rip-free sweat shirt.

To be effective, Ravens tchotchkes must be visible and superficial. You are, after all, new to the flock and going for maximum effect.

So unless you're going to wear it on the outside of your clothes, forget about that $10 lavender thong underwear (you, too, gentlemen) or a Ravens holiday ornament, and buy something that fits into one of four categories: can be seen on desk at work; can be attached to clothing or body; can be mounted on car and easily removed if the Ravens - perish the thought - lose; and can be worn and costs less than $30.

And the winners, in order, are: coffee mug (under $10) or desk clock ($15); Ravens bird head earrings ($15) or temporary tattoo (sheet of 10, $4); Ravens magnetized helmet ($12) or window flag ($15); and Ravens cap ($15) or long-sleeve T-shirt ($20).

Tomorrow, we'll cover everything under the weather.

As a public service, we continue our crash course in Ravensolgy that can easily be transferred to flash cards for memorization.

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