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This is my list of places I'd like to see open in 2009. With this Top 10 Tuesday I tried to avoid simply listing every ethnic cuisine we don't have a restaurant for. That would be easy. I also decided to make it very personal.


Every visitor wants Baltimore to have one great, local, nontouristy seafood restaurant on the water, and by "water" I mean "Inner Harbor." I know and you know that every good restaurant in the city has good seafood, even the steak houses, but I can't convince the tourists who call and e-mail me. If we had such a place that I could recommend, it would make my life easier.


A fine-dining vegetarian restaurant.


The best Italian food I've ever had was not in Italy (where admittedly we were eating on the cheap) but in St. Pete Beach, Fla. It was a tiny, mom-and-pop operation, and its owner was an exquisite chef. When he had to have a knee replacement, he had to sell his restaurant. I want that restaurant here.


A Moroccan restaurant.


I want a decent place in my neighborhood that I can walk to that has a $10 blue plate special every weeknight. When I'm too tired to cook that's where I'll go, but I don't want to have to get in the car.


An elegant little place for lunch that has ladies' food - dainty servings of curried shrimp salad with fresh fruit and little biscuits, that sort of thing. Tea in the afternoon, of course, will be a given.


An In-N-Out Burger.


And while I'm asking for West Coast places, could we please have an Urth Caffe?


An authentic Chinese restaurant that everyone agrees is wonderful and isn't in Odenton.


A classic French restaurant, as opposed to a bistro.

readers talk back

We have a few good BBQ places now and a few good jerk places - but none that serve both - that's what I'd like to see.

Also - I'd like to see a restaurant that knows how to prepare various offal in great, tasty ways, like Kabab Cafe in Queens, NY

Posted by: Scott Jay Regner

For years I've said that the Aquarium needs to have a restaurant attached to it.

Posted by: Shawn

What about a really good Portuguese Restaurant - like you would find in Jersey. That would be amazing!

Posted by: missy

I would love to see a GREAT sit down, nicely decorated soul food restaurant in the city...mac and cheese, greens, and good fried chicken are comfort food. Homemade sweet potato pies would be a PLUS!

Posted by: DEB

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