A lot of sour notes in Music City

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Let's just enjoy the Ravens' 13-10 win Saturday over the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. Mr. Flip certainly would not want to engage in any mean-spirited, small-minded trolling of, say, The Tennessean's Web site in order to pass along the comments for the amusement of fans here reveling in the Ravens' success.

Well, maybe just a little bit couldn't hurt, right?

* "For all you Merril Hoge wannabes, turn off your computer and go back to sitting in your beanbag chairs wearing your Larry The Cable Guy boxers and eating Cheetos. You know nothing. You mean nothing. Shut up. ... Make yourself some fat-laden bacon and eggs and serve it on one of your NASCAR collectible plates. You'll feel better."

* "The 'missed' delay of game call evens out the terrible 'Music City Miracle' call. I hope the Titans fans feel as screwed as the Bills fans did in 1999."

* "Hey, sometimes, in the playoffs, teams are allowed an extra second on the play clock and sometimes they're allowed to throw forward passes on kickoff returns. Right or wrong, I guess it just matters who you're rooting for."

* "Where was the natural delay in the first quarter when we got called for delay of game. We snapped the ball a lot quicker then they did."

* "What kind of cheap parlor trick have you lazy Titan fans created? There is only one Towel....The Terrible Towel of the STEELERS. Take your gayly colored towel & dry your tears."

* "Oh well, you guys lost - so please come down from the ledge and get dressed up to head off to the Opry."

Now, back to being a good sport.

His Favre-ite

Oh, those funny folks at Fark.com. Here's their capsule on one of the stories they found:

"Fans in India are building a religious temple devoted to a cricket player. No word if the statue will be modeled after relief carvings of Brett Favre recently unearthed in Peter King's backyard."

Good value

You be the judge. Has the state of Texas spent its money wisely?

It has been running a steroid-testing program for high school athletes. Of the first 10,000 tests, four positives showed up.

State legislator Ray Flynn, who got the $6 million program going, calls it a success.

"We don't have a bunch of pelts hanging on the wall," Flynn said. "The success is that we haven't had a lot of positive tests."

And if Texas had spent $6 million on red-light cameras and issued just four tickets, do you think Flynn would be touting their effectiveness?

Compiled from news service and Web reports by Mr. Flip, who would worry about testing positive for mayo.

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