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As a public service, we begin a crash course in Ravensology that can be easily be transferred to flash cards for memorization.

Despite what the rabid faithful might say, there's no shame in being a newly minted fan of Baltimore's only winning professional franchise that plays outdoors.

With everyone watching Barack Obama and the economy, it has been tough to focus on the truly important issue of our time - playoff football.

But now it's time to face the music and realize that, no matter where you go this week, chances are the talk will be all Ravens, all the time. So wrap yourself in a No. 52 jersey. Put one of those ridiculous magnetized Ravens helmets on your car. Welcome to the flock. These tidbits should grant you safe passage at the water cooler today.

Ravens fans love:: linebacker Ray Lewis (No. 52), safety Ed Reed, quarterback Joe Flacco and, for delivering the win Saturday, kicker Matt Stover.

Ravens fans hate:: the Pittsburgh Steelers because their fans are obnoxious, and their Terrible Towels are glorified snot rags.

All-purpose water-cooler chime-ins:: "John Harbaugh/Cam Cameron/Rex Ryan really has his guys playing well."

"If I'm Ben Roethlisberger, I see Ed Reed in my nightmares."

Tomorrow, we'll explain how the Ravens got to the AFC championship game.

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