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Ravens LG Ben Grubbs vs. Titans DT Albert Haynesworth

Grubbs has good feet and reflexes. He can make blocks in the second level and is an adequate pass blocker. The Ravens run a lot behind him in short-yardage situations. Haynesworth is a complete player who can defend the pass as well as the run. It takes two offensive linemen to stop him. Grubbs will have his hands full.

Edge: Haynesworth:

Ravens LBs Terrell Suggs and Jarret Johnson vs. Titans RB Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson has great explosion and speed. He can take what appear to be small gains and turn them into big plays. Jarret Johnson and Suggs can't allow Chris Johnson to turn the corner on running plays. Both play the run well, but occasionally they'll get too anxious and slide down, allowing runners to get outside.

Edge: Suggs and Johnson:

Ravens WRs Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton vs. Titans CBs Nick Harper and Cortland Finnegan

Mason has been the Ravens' top receiver, but Clayton can disappear from games. Both run good routes, but Mason has the better hands. Harper and Finnegan are aggressive, and they can play man-to-man or zone extremely well. In this game, the receivers are going to have to make plays downfield. Harper and Finnegan have good hands and can return the ball the other way.

Edge: Harper and Finnegan:

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