Killing escalates in city

The Baltimore Sun

A man was fatally shot on a sidewalk in Southeast Baltimore yesterday afternoon, an incident that led to a car accident between the vehicles of the responding officer and another person, shutting down a four-block stretch of Lombard Street during rush hour.

Police also said that a man was on life support after being shot in the head in an apartment hallway in Southwest Baltimore on Thursday night.

The shootings continued a wave of violence that began in November, and police this week detailed several crime prevention initiatives. Twelve people have been slain in 2009, compared with three at this time last year.

Few details were available on either shooting. At about 4 p.m. yesterday, a large crowd gathered outside a grocery store near the 3600 block of E. Lombard St. as officers huddled over a man's body covered in a white sheet. A woman in a wheelchair leaned out of her front door to observe the man's body sprawled at the base of her front steps.

One resident, who declined to give his name, criticized the use of the blinking blue-light police cameras on the neighborhood's street corners. "They need to put cops on the streets instead of cameras," he said. "Things are getting worse by the day."

Michelle Pederson, who was among those watching the scene, said the area was dangerous, but not typically during the day.

"Ain't nothing but drugs around here, on every corner," she said.

A few blocks away, a red Pontiac Sunfire, which was badly damaged on its front end, was towed away from the intersection of Lombard and Haven streets. Officials said a district lieutenant was involved in an accident while responding to the shooting, but neither driver appeared to have sustained serious injuries.

In the Southwest District, police said a man was shot in the 5000 block of Dickey Hill Road about 10:50 p.m. Thursday. A source with knowledge of the investigation said he was shot in the head in the hallway of an apartment building.

Police initially said yesterday that the man died, but Officer Troy Harris, a police spokesman, later said the man was on life support.

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