Collateral damage

The Baltimore Sun

The United Nations Children's Fund estimates that 2 million children have died in wars in the past decade: Somalia, Afghanistan, Darfur, Colombia, Iraq, Congo. And today Israel and Hamas militants are battling. In southern Israel, scores of children have been terrorized by a barrage of Hamas rockets. In the Gaza Strip, children are dying. Of the nearly 700 killed there, more than 100 are children, according to published reports. Countless others have been injured.

Thousands of children who have escaped injury are suffering from a lack of food, safe housing, clean water and medical care.

Neda El Tibi, 15, was on her way home from school when Israeli artillery shells fell. "We tried to escape but we didn't know how to," she told an aid worker from Save the Children. "Everyone was running down the street. We didn't know how to save ourselves."

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