Kevin Cowherd's Trading Places

The Baltimore Sun

Dining in Nashville means having your cardiologist on speed dial. A look at the local food and drink of the Music City and Charm City:


Country ham and red-eye gravy Get this: The gravy starts with the drippings in a pan in which slices of ham were fried. So it's ham gravy on ham. Served with a nice ham salad?

Pork barbecue In case you didn't get enough ham.

MoonPie Graham-cracker cookies, marshmallow filling, chocolate dip. Who needs a bathroom scale, anyway?

Stack cake Sugar, eggs, molasses, buttermilk, flour ... you can feel your arteries hardening.

Jack Daniel's Sit down and have a snort as the wail of the ambulance grows louder.


Blue crabs Undisputed king of Chesapeake Bay delicacies. Steam, shake on the Old Bay - you died and went to heaven.

Silver Queen corn Sweet white corn that melts in your mouth. Pair it with crabs - you're in heaven's VIP lounge.

Pit beef Pile it on a kaiser roll. Smother with horseradish. Stop, you're killing me.

Smith Island Cake If you're clogging your arteries, at least do it in style, with a rich 10-layer cake the size of a footstool.

Natty Boh Because it's good. Well, OK. And because Baltimoreans eschew the hard stuff, preferring to remain clearheaded and alert at all times.

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