Titans take it in OT

The Baltimore Sun

One thing we can all agree on - this game will be played toe-to-toe, bare knuckles, last man standing wins. As Cortland Finnegan put it, "Bullets fly faster in the playoffs."

I have heard the respect card played so much on both sides of the fence that it makes me want to barf. No respect? You have to be kidding me. These two defenses don't have to take a back seat to anyone in the NFL. They give offensive coordinators migraines.

Here are the areas where I give the Titans an edge:

They are going against a rookie coach and rookie quarterback. The job John Harbaugh has done speaks for itself. Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco seems at ease in the most difficult position in sports.

Jeff Fisher has been there as a coach. Kerry Collins has been there, taking the New York Giants to a Super Bowl, throwing for 37,393 yards and 186 touchdowns in 14 seasons. He has socks older than Flacco.

I also think the fatigue factor could come into play. The Ravens thrive on adrenaline. They had to make a long trip to Miami, play in the South Florida heat and will be working on a short week. The Titans have fresh legs, are getting Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch back on the defensive line. If it's close in the fourth quarter, all that might play out in the Titans' favor.

The regular-season game was 13-10, Titans. I think history will repeat itself, although it will take overtime tomorrow for the Titans to win.

Joe Biddle is a columnist for The Tennessean.

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