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HEY, JAMISON: : The Baltimore media has to have a vote for the NFL's major awards, so who is the person that didn't vote for Joe Flacco as Offensive Rookie of the Year, or John Harbaugh for Coach of the Year?

Jerry Pivec, Arnold


HEY, JERRY: : The Baltimore media actually doesn't have a say in the Associated Press awards. Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston used to have a vote, but he had to give that up because The Sun has a policy that restricts its writers from voting on such awards and the Hall of Fame.

According to the AP, each of its 50 voters has NFL beats. It splits the ballots among writers and broadcasters. In an effort to be fair, the AP tries to limit the number of votes to any outlet to two (ESPN has three, but it is represented by TV/radio, its Web site and its magazine).

Because the role of the NFL beat reporter is disappearing, it has become difficult for the AP to line up voters in every NFL city. If there is a change to be made, I think the media should be able to vote for more than just first place. I believe Harbaugh and Flacco would have received several votes for second and third place.



HEY, JAMISON: : Why did the Ravens go from playing on Sunday to now playing on Saturday? I have not heard anything about this, and it just seems to me like the Ravens always get a raw deal. You would think that after losing their bye week, they would at least play on Sunday.

Chris Meyers, Hagerstown

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: HEY, CHRIS: : The NFL, which handles the scheduling, announced the days and the times for the first two playoff weekends on the evening of the final regular-season Sunday (Dec. 28). The conference championship games and the Super Bowl are determined before the season begins. Asked about the process the league uses for the first two playoff weekends, an NFL spokesman said, "As in all scheduling decisions, we have to look at many different factors and then try to come up with the best possible schedule."

Now, the Ravens did catch a break when they played their wild-card playoff game Sunday. The Chargers and Indianapolis Colts were the AFC teams that had to play on the shortened week, facing each other Saturday. The difference this time is that the Ravens are playing on six days' rest and Tennessee has had 13 days in between games.

The Ravens were the sixth and last seed in the AFC. The advantage is supposed to go the top-seeded Titans as a reward for having the best record in the conference.

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