They knew the rules

The Baltimore Sun

Many times after a Ravens game, I have had discussions with my son in which he complained about how an official's call cost them the victory. My answer to him always is that, regardless of the correctness of the call, the Ravens were culpable: They shouldn't have put themselves in a position where one referee's decision could tilt the game in their opponents' favor.

And that's sort of my position on whether teams other than Florida and Oklahoma should be considered for college football's national championship.

Sure, a playoff would be much better. But we don't have one, and everyone knew that going into the season. Texas, Southern California and Utah would have a better argument if the rules had suddenly changed on them.

You want to be in the BCS title game instead of Florida or Oklahoma? Texas, you shouldn't have lost to Texas Tech. USC, you should have beaten Oregon State. Utah, you should be in a tougher conference.

The problem is not that an Oklahoma team that lost to Texas is in the championship game instead of the Longhorns. Nor is the issue how Florida's loss to Mississippi compares with USC's to Oregon State.

The lesson is: Don't leave it up to the refs.

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