Deputy is on trial

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A woman testified yesterday that a Harford County sheriff's deputy pushed her down a set of stairs after she had performed sexual acts at a bachelor party he was attending.

Jeffery Gerres, 29, of Rising Sun, a member of the sheriff's office's violent street crimes unit, is charged with assaulting 47-year old Denise Lillian Rothwell, who alleged that Gerres knocked her down a set of stairs from behind. He also faces charges of allowing a person into a building for prostitution.

Rothwell, who has been charged with prostitution twice before, testified in Baltimore District Court that she was approached Sept. 7 by Gerres and four other men who told her they were holding a bachelor party. Rothwell testified that she got into a vehicle as other men in the truck discussed prices in exchange for sexual acts for the bachelor. She said Gerres was within earshot of the conversation.

Gerres' attorney, Shaun Owens, said the deputy was not aware of any conversation about sex in exchange for money and said he was unfairly singled out because none of the other men were charged with accepting a prostitute into the house.

But Assistant State's Attorney Erin McCarthy said that "the fact that other people could've been charged doesn't lessen his culpability."

While on the stand, Rothwell testified that she had been given $60 and had sex with the bachelor. She said Gerres then entered the room and asked for the money back because it was "marked bills." After the exchange, Rothwell said went outside and Gerres followed her. She said Gerres knocked her down the front steps onto the sidewalk.

"I went flying down the stairs," she said.

The trial is scheduled to reconvene Feb. 10.

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