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CBS' Craig Ferguson gets married over holiday break

Craig Ferguson held up his hand to the camera when he returned to CBS' The Late Late Show Monday night to show a wedding band on his left ring finger.

He announced that he married art dealer Megan Wallace Cunningham over the holiday break.

He suggested that he and Megan be referred to as "Cragan," just as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are known as "Brangelina."

Ferguson, 46, has been married twice before.

No breakup, Lohan says

Lindsay Lohan says she hasn't split with DJ Samantha Ronson, despite news media reports that they had publicly sparred several times recently.

In a brief post on her MySpace blog, the 22-year-old actress wrote: "We did NOT break up!"

Lohan asked several media outlets "AND every GOSSIP website" to get their stories straight.

She also complained that her friends had been e-mailing to console her about the rumored breakup with Ronson, 31.

Brolin, Wright get pass

Prosecutors in Shreveport, La., have agreed to drop charges filed against W. actors Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright after an incident at a bar last year.

Brolin, Wright and five crew members of the Oliver Stone film were arrested on misdemeanor charges at the Stray Cat Club on July 12. Brolin and Wright were charged with interfering with police officers after a disturbance involving a crew member.

Los Angeles attorney Blair Berk, who represented the actors and five others, said prosecutors agreed to drop all charges against the group within 60 days. She declined to comment further.

A prosecutor didn't return a call seeking comment yesterday.

'Colbert & Colmes'?

Divorced from his longtime co-host Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes was adopted by Stephen Colbert - for a day, at least.

On Monday's The Colbert Report, Colbert introduced the Fox News commentator as his new co-host.

In November, Fox News announced that Colmes, the liberal half of Hannity & Colmes for the past 12 years, was leaving the show but would remain a commentator on the channel.

Reached by phone yesterday, Colmes said, "It was very well done." He is in the process of developing a new weekend show for Fox News.

No TV ratings

Processing problems at Nielsen Media Research have delayed the release of the top 10 TV network shows. Look for them tomorrow in this space.


Author William Peter Blatty, 81.

Magazine publisher Jann Wenner, 63.

Singer Kenny Loggins, 61.

Actor David Caruso, 53.

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, 52.

Actor Nicolas Cage, 45.

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