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Warming skeptics resolve to respond

Contrary to the suggestion in the editorial "A New Year's resolution" (Jan. 2), it is quite possible to be a concerned environmentalist and be a skeptic about man-made global warming.

The Baltimore Sun suggests that the relevant scientific community has reached a clear consensus; this is only true of the politically motivated part of such community.

Ironically, Friday's Wall Street Journal reported that "three independent research groups have concluded that 2008 was a comparatively cool year on planet Earth."

And it's sad that The Baltimore Sun felt the need to label warming skeptics "flat-earth types." That does not further the debate.

Jeff Schumer, Baltimore

If there was one slim, sliver of hope to be found amid last year's disastrous financial news, it was that perhaps, as events forced us to prioritize our many needs, the idea of fighting "climate change" would be put on the back burner and we might not try to solve a nonexistent problem with money we don't have.

Count me among those The Baltimore Sun describes as "naysayers" and "flat-earth types" who wish global warming might be real as we shiver through yet another normal winter.

Dave Reich, Perry Hall

Congress could use manure processors

I thoroughly enjoyed Jay Hancock's column describing the pigs lining up at the public trough ("Chutzpah: main symptom of bailout fever," Jan 3).

Should Congress decide to fund the proposed manure processors for dairy farmers, the first one should be installed on Capitol Hill.

Fred Koenig, Aberdeen

Ravens have restored fun to our Sundays

What a great picture on Monday's front page ("Road Ready," Jan. 5). It epitomizes why our beloved Ravens are where they are right now.

How often do you see any head coach, on the road, taking the time after a phenomenal win to acknowledge the fans who made a road trip to support the team?

Hats off to John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, Steve Bisciotti and every single member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Thanks for making Sundays fun again.

Elizabeth A. Mason, Ellicott City

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