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Available for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation Portable; also for Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS; $59.99 for consoles, $29.99 to $39.99 for hand-held systems. Rated Teen. ***


Numerous companies have tried to translate the game play of real-time strategy titles from PC to consoles, with little success. Endwar avoids cramming keyboard-and-mouse controls into a console controller by combining button controls with optional vocalized orders, not unlike those used in the older SOCOM games on the PS2.

They work quite well, though the mechanics and unit types are pretty simple, as strategy games go. Players have no real bases during their missions, only objectives and a group of infantry, ground vehicles and aircraft to command in carrying them out.

The portable versions of the game are turn-based and take place on hex-grid maps.

There are no voice controls, and the visuals are simple, but the hand-held Endwar is a solid title in its own right, similar to Field Commander and Advance Wars.

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