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Here are a few of the most memorable viral videos of the past year:

* Paris Hilton's campaign ad at "I'm, like, totally ready to lead."

* Sarah Palin pardons a turkey: Alaska Governor Palin officially saves one turkey from the Thanksgiving table ... then talks to the media as other turkeys are slaughtered in the background.

* Ninja cat: The only thing scarier than a cat sneaking up on you is a ninja cat sneaking up on you.

* Jonas Brothers, "Band in a Bus" series: If you can't get enough of them, you can now keep up with the brothers between concerts.

... and a few consistently entertaining blogs:

* Engrish ( This blog's intercontinental humor won't get lost in translation.

* Dwight's blog ( Essential for fans of The Office, this blog is a treasure trove of information, like how to build a moat.

* PostSecret ( We're secret admirers of this anonymous tell-all site.

* Perez Hilton ( Thanks to this gossiper's blog, you, too, can be in with the it group.

New video clips have been added to the Mount St. Helens Web site, giving visitors a chance to take a virtual flight over the national volcanic monument.

The images were provided courtesy of Immersive Media of Portland, Ore., which shot the video under a special permit this past spring.

There are three video clips on the Mount St. Helens Teacher's Corner of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Web site. They allow online visitors to take a 360-degree virtual flight around the Mount St. Helens blast zone, over the rim and into the crater of the volcano.

Mount St. Helens has had a Web presence since the late 1990s through a series of "volcano cams."

You can find the new videos and the webcams at .

Here is an online way to keep track of all the music stored on your computer.

1. Go to Create a free account and download the free software, which the Web site says is "ad-free, safe, secure, fast, small and fully automatic." The catalog you create can be public, shared only with friends or for your eyes only.

2. Run the software and direct it to the folders where your music is stored. The software scans your music files and transfers the information to your online catalog (including art if your files contain any), where your music collection can be viewed by album, artist or song.

3. Free accounts have a capacity limit of 1,000 albums. If your collection is larger than that, you can upgrade to a Pro account ($15 for one year or $25 lifetime), which provides unlimited album storage, advanced account customization and priority support.

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