Escape to 'India' on MPT

The Baltimore Sun

The documentary India begins tonight on MPT. And the six-hour miniseries will tell you more about India than you probably wanted to know.

But the sub-continent is laid out, probed and oohed and ahhed over with such enthusiasm by host Michael Wood that viewers may just be swept up in the whole enterprise.

One of the great pleasures in this series is that India is so un-American. There is simply very little about India that is comparable to this country or continent. And this production is beautiful.

You could freeze almost any frame and have something suitable for the cover of a magazine, or at least a National Geographic spread. And leading us through all the B.C.s and early civilizations in tonight's episode is Wood, who makes it all seem tremendously important and understandable.

America doesn't make documentaries like this - wildly ambitious works that appeal to both the imagination and the eye. Wood is the prototypical Englishman abroad - boyish, enthusiastic and adventurous. You might wind up admiring the mad men who took on this six-hour project as much as the civilization they're quite mad about. (9 p.m., MPT-Channels 22 and 67). *** 1/2

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