5 things I have to have

David Warschawski left big New York City ad agency life to start his own public relations, marketing, advertising and design firm in Baltimore in 1996. Since then, the agency has won many awards, including being named the Small Agency of the Year by PR News for the past three years. The Swiss-born CEO is a frequent commentator on marketing communications and has appeared on media outlets ranging from CNBC to NPR. Warschawski, 37, lives in Dumbarton with his wife, Rachel, and two children, Micah and Leah.



A three-headed personal trainer:

I'd love a squash pro who can help me improve my game while doing weight training with me and giving personal yoga classes to my busy wife, the mom of our two kids . ... Could he baby-sit for us, too?



Basel Brot mit Schweizer Honig:

That's bread and honey from my hometown of Basel, Switzerland. It's the taste I grew up with, and nothing can come close to this breakfast of champions.


Tickets to see the Ravens in the Super Bowl:

My 4-year-old son, Micah, has become a rabid sports fan. It would be a lot of fun to travel with him to Tampa Bay to see our Ravens go all the way this year.


A cabin in the woods near water and ski slopes:


I'd love a retreat home for spending time with family and friends. Good company, a good book, a hammock, nature. ... Ahhhh.


Guitar lessons:

I come from a musical family. I'd love to be able to play the guitar at our extended family singalongs, by the campfire when our family goes camping, or just sing and play the guitar for my kids.