S. Baltimore vs. S. Beach

The Baltimore Sun

To "do" South Baltimore, the way one "does" South Beach, would be as laughable as it is impossible. Fort Avenue can't be done. It just is. You want scene? Try Captain Larry's on Tuesdays for half-price margaritas and fish sandwiches. You'll see everyone - from the neighborhood, anyway. You want sexy? Another Natty Boh might help with that. (You might want to make it two.) There's an ongoing, low-energy effort to get people to refer to the neighborhood as SoBo, as if that would automatically impart the acronymic cachet of, say, SoHo. Here's to hopin'.

To party in South Beach is to rub shoulders with models, or at least very tan, very thin, very beautiful people who, for all you know, might be. Wearing essentially nothing, as sultry sea breezes cool the hot, neon-lighted night, they drink the hippest cocktails in the hippest clubs. While at Captain Larry's the back room is, well, the kitchen; here the term "VIP" means something. As does "velvet rope," "celebrity sighting" and "no, even that rolled up $20 won't get you in."

EDGE: : Sorry, Baltimore, hot is practically Miami's middle name.

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