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Jamison Hensley

Ravens, 20-6

Everybody will be talking about Cam Cameron's return before the game. They'll be talking about the Ravens' defense after.

David Steele

Ravens, 20-17

Possibly in overtime. That's how little separates these teams. The Ravens' defense provides the margin.

Edward Lee

Ravens, 30-20

Chad Pennington is playing better, but none of his receivers strikes fear in the Ravens' defense. Cam Cameron enjoys another win in Miami.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 23-9

If Ed Reed can just hold on to the ball, the Ravens should win for the second time this season at Dolphin Stadium.

Ken Murray

Ravens, 27-21

Miami will make them sweat, but Joe Flacco has been too cool under pressure to buckle now.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 17-14

The Ravens beat the Dolphins, and Cam Cameron gets a second Gatorade shower on the Dolphins' home turf.

Rick Maese

Ravens, 27-16

With the win, Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron will have won more games in Miami this season than he did all last year as Dolphins coach.

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