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Bay bridge driver impaired, imprudent

In the article "No criminal charges in fatal Bay Bridge accident" (Dec. 19), Queen Anne's County State's Attorney Frank M. Kratovil Jr. is quoted as saying that Candy Lynn Baldwin's actions in causing the accident in August do not fall within the "gross negligence" requirement for manslaughter.

Ms. Baldwin was sleep-deprived and had been drinking prior to the accident that took John Robert Short's life. Obviously her judgment and driving skills were impaired. The accident occurred on a notoriously dangerous bridge with two-way traffic. A prudent driver would be extra cautious on this driving nightmare. Ms. Baldwin was impaired and not prudent.

My condolences go to the family of Mr. Short. He died a terrifying death that the criminal justice system has so far failed to address.

One can only hope that the district courts can prevent Ms. Baldwin from having the privilege of a driver's license.

Michael Weinstein, Ellicott City

Pushers go to jail as basic laws abused

Our criminal justice system will become a hypocritical farce if we continue to fill our jails with pot pushers and let those who break the most basic laws of our supposedly sacred Constitution literally get away with murder.

Naomi Greenberg, Windsor Mill

Criticism of researcher just wasn't warranted

The recent letter criticizing Dr. Robert Blum, the Guttmacher Institute and Planned Parenthood was way out of line ("Abortion advocate cited as authority," Dec. 16).

The Guttmacher Institute is renowned for its objectivity. Moreover, the notion that abortion has long-lasting psychological ill effects has often been grossly exaggerated.

Not only have the national associations of psychiatrists and psychologists concluded that adverse psychological effects of abortion are not a serious problem, and certainly no more serious than those involved in carrying an unintended pregnancy to term, but President Ronald Reagan's anti-abortion surgeon general, Dr. C. Everett Koop, came to the same conclusion.

Planned Parenthood does provide pregnancy termination services, but it is also a major provider of a whole range of reproductive health care and education services, particularly to women of limited means.

Edd Doerr, Silver Spring

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