'The Wire' vs. 'Miami Vice'

The Baltimore Sun

City fathers and mothers tut-tut about how The Wire bloodied Baltimore's national reputation. If anything, the show thrust the city's urban realities into the minds of thinking viewers everywhere. Baltimore's cops, unlike Miami's, didn't always win, and, McNulty and Stringer excepted, the characters weren't mistaken for models, but at least they knew sidearms and pastels don't mix.

Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas' Crockett and Tubbs wouldn't have lasted a Miami minute on the mean streets of West Baltimore. Heck, in those white suits, they probably couldn't have survived the duck boat tour. The roughest part about those two was their everlasting stubble. The Miami Vice concept forces the question: Which is the greater felony - drug trafficking or wearing loafers without socks?

Edge:: This one clearly goes to Baltimore.

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