The headline "Scores die in Israeli attack" (Dec. 28) betrays The Baltimore Sun's continuing bias in the Middle East conflict.

The military action to defend Israeli citizens occurred only after Hamas and other Iran-backed Palestinian groups chose to end a cease-fire in Gaza and continued to kill and wound Israeli civilians by launching almost daily attacks.


The Israelis, on the other hand, have targeted the Hamas security forces, not civilians. And despite the ongoing rocket and missile attacks, on Dec. 26, Israel transferred more than 90 truckloads of vital goods to Gaza residents.

Where was The Baltimore Sun's coverage of Palestinian missiles killing Israeli civilians in an apartment in the Israeli city of Netivot last week? Or of a direct attack on a synagogue in Eshkol that seriously wounded a civilian?


Residents in southern Israel have been forced by the continuing attacks to remain in secured rooms and bomb shelters, abandoning daily activities. Schools within a 12-mile radius of Gaza have been ordered to remain closed as a result of the continuing Hamas missile attacks.

Israel has an obligation to defend its citizens.

According to the Israel Project, since Israel gave up all of Gaza in 2005 - relinquishing homes, farms and places of business and worship - terrorists have launched more than 6,300 rockets and mortars into Israel from Gaza.

The attacks have killed 10 civilians, wounded more than 780 and traumatized thousands of others. The headline should have read "Israel defends citizens from Hamas."

Barbara K. Berg, Owings Mills

Attention should to be directed to The Baltimore Sun's consistent and unabashed bias against Israel and overwhelming sympathy for Palestinian hardships.

For example, Sunday's headline about the attack on Gaza read, "Scores die in Israeli attack."

It is difficult to understand why The Baltimore Sun puts such a negative spin on Israel's actions and writes as if Israel had been the aggressor when, in fact, just in the past few days, more than 200 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel, causing death and injury to Jews.


The rocket attacks have continued before, during and after the recent so-called cease-fire with Hamas.

A more accurate, exact and truthful headline should have read, "Israel responds to continued Hamas rocket and mortar attacks."

Does Israel not have the right to defend itself?

Adele E. Hammerman, Baltimore

After the catastrophic bombardment of Gaza this weekend that took the lives of more than 300 Palestinians, it is evident that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict shows no sign of resolution.

But let us recognize that the Palestinians have been the victims of Israeli expansion and ethnic cleansing operations that date back even prior to 1948 and continue today.


Collective punishment against the people of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem promise to keep Israel in a state of war with the Palestinians and those in adjacent countries.

Waseem Pharoan, Timonium

Israel's latest attack on Gaza is the main reason why a government like the one Hamas leads in Gaza remains in power. And until Israel decides to end its occupation of all the Palestinian territories, the rocket fire will never cease.

The Palestinians have now suffered more than 300 deaths from Israel's attacks and that will only further kindle their desire to resist.

Gaza has become a bleeding ulcer for Israel, one that will never heal unless Israel withdraws from Gaza and the West Bank once and for all.

Imran Chikhliwala, Baltimore


As a citizen of this country and a Christian, I fail to understand the 60 years of war between Israel and the Palestinians and the inability of both sides to finally make peace with each other.

Can the United States be more forceful and advise them that war already has killed enough people and that something else should be tried so that they can live in peace next to each other?

Recriminations are plentiful. But peace can be simple, if the actors are honest.

No more excuses, please.

Jaime Lievano, Baltimore