Be it track or court, she excels

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Aberdeen senior Amanda Deller has grown into one of the most solid centers in Harford County.

Basketball, however, is just part of a busy schedule for Deller. She's the senior class president and serves as the secretary for the Harford County SGA and the school's SGA. She is also in the school's Science and Math Academy.

In the spring, Deller competes in track and field, which is her top sport. She won two Class 3A state titles last spring (tying a Class 3A record in shot put and also winning the discus).

Deller said she's looking forward to participating in track in college next year. She will likely attend a local school, where she plans to study to become a physical therapist.

You stay busy. How do you keep it all straight?

It's pretty hard for me, but it's fun. I like to stay busy. I like to try different things. I don't want to sit at home and do nothing.

How do the skills you have in track help you in basketball?

I think since I'm so strong from track that it helps me to be a center. There are some really tall girls in Harford, they're like 6-1, 6-2, and I'm only 5-9, so I have to be strong. The strength I have from track helps me be [effective] as a center.

Which sport is harder for you?

I have to say that it's basketball. Track seems to just come to me, like it's instinct. I just guess that, in basketball, it's like the small things like footwork and finishing that are [tough].

How far do you think your basketball team can go this year?

Honestly, I think we can go to the states. We're an awesome team. We don't have to worry about taking somebody off the court because we know somebody on the bench is just as good.

How long have you been playing basketball?

My first year actually was my freshman year. I had never picked up a basketball before that. But my friend was playing it, and she got me into it, and I ended up loving it.

What's your individual goal for this season?

I want to be No. 1 in the county for rebounds. I'm not sure where I am now, but I'm thinking about that.

For track, after what you accomplished last spring at the states, how do you top that?

I'll train hard and practice hard and hopefully be able to accomplish something like I did last year. I was so excited last year. I almost cried.

Explain the odd way that you won in the discus.

I didn't make the final round. I choked completely, but the girl who placed one place above me, in eighth [the final qualifying spot], had fouled. I had already left the stadium at Morgan and was in the car with my mom. They called me and told me to come back, that I had made the finals. So I ran back from the street to the throwing cage, and then on my second throw, I threw the one [that won the championship].

What events would you do in college?

I'm going to try anything that has to do with throwing. But I love shot put; that's my favorite.

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